About Us

Liquid exchange is a P2P decentralized exchange platform that allows people from different countries to easily and securely exchange their national currencies to digital cryptocurrencies. At Liquids, you can trade directly with another person, which makes the process streamlined and fast, and you can receive Bitcoin or local currency immediately.

Liquide offers world-class experience for buying and selling services in multiple countries, without the need for bank partners, to completely protect the service from whim and fantasies. Current liquidremit services in country include China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at cs@liquidremit.com

Vision Mission

Building the safest, most secure, fastest, and most stable digital economy trading platform for our customers

Differences Between Ours and Other Trading Sites

  • Uncentralized embrace of the nature of digital cryptocurrency
  • Trade directly with others
  • Streamline, fast, easy and secure access to local currency and digital password currency
  • User Community Support Payment Methods
  • Provide hosting or transaction services to protect buyers and sellers
  • The process of completing a wallet transaction in minutes
  • Supporting a wide range of payment methods