Security Bounties

Security Bounty

We are big believers in protecting your privacy and security. Liquide understands the importance of safety in protecting the safety of our community. We encourage the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities through our erroneous award programs. We attach great importance to security issues.

Responsible disclosure

  • Provide us with reasonable time to solve the problem
  • Make a good faith effort to not leak or destroy Alipay user data
  • Do not cheat liquid transfer users during the discovery process

We strongly encourage disclosure to follow the above guidelines. We promise not to take any legal action against researchers who report issues. We thank you for helping to keep the community safe!

Report Security Issues

  • Maintenance of White Hat Programs and Reward List Rules
  • Track open security issues
  • Paying bounty
  • Credit expires

We want to publicly thank the following people for helping the security system

Evan Austin

Carney Koh

Winston Robertson

Kenny Chee

Muhammad Khan Ali

Yazor Richardo